About Us


Assalamu Alaikum,
Welcome to Touch Online one of the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Chittagong.
This is Rafiqul Islam Shibly, CEO of Touch Online. We Touch Online always want to see what we do and how we might improve. In last 5 years, things have changed so much. We Touch Online can say that the pace of change for business and in life is now in almost constant change. This completely turns the past 5 years on its head. New waves of inventiveness, fast-paced next-generation technologies, a massive worldwide boom in artificial intelligence, and the rapid rollout of process solutions driven by new ways of doing business is a constant disruptor. Our next generation is coming into the market wants a simple, quick and personal service and we Touch Online always concern about it. Our interest is in understanding our client’s processes over personalities.

Touch Online makes it possible for customers to access the Internet while providing additional services such as email, domain registration, web hosting, Website Design & Development and Android App Development. Which makes Touch Online unique and best service provider in chittagong.

Touch Online provide Internet connections to their valuable customer by fiber. Connections are like high-speed broadband or low-speed broadband depend on package rate. We also provide monthly and yearly package and most notable thing is that you can get money back guarantee if you won’t satisfy with our service or speed.

Another important thing is, you must concern about the issue that you connected with a legal internet service provider (ISP) or an illegal internet service provider (ISP). If you chose to connect an illegal ISP means you help the illegal activities or you chose a legal internet service provider (ISP) like Touch Online and proud to be a genuine user not a thief and also help our lovely motherland Bangladesh.

Decision is depending on you but we waiting for your right decision.